Sunday, August 10, 2014

foils on the brain again

More and more high end sailboats are foiling.

Here's a video from the Great Cat 32 event.  The event ran with 4 pro teams and 4 amature owners.  4 boats on the water at a time and  8 teams.  A round robin format was followed to ensure everyone raced everyone else.

Here you go:

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pro sailors did not clean up at the Moth worlds

The International foiling moth has just completed their world championship at Hayling Island, U.K.

Its a pretty cool little boat.  What I thought was interesting was that there are a bunch of pro sailors at the event, and some of them didn't make the top 10.  Amateur sailors with a day job beat them out.

Go amateurs!

Here's the vids

and also, because Jimmy Spithill of Oracle Team USA deserves to be embarased, here's a vid about his SI shoot sailing a moth naked.